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Seven Figure Phone Sales In Ten Hours Per Month

Phone sales skills are the closest thing to legitimate super powers that you can develop in business.

The ability to pick up the phone, generate high-quality leads… powerfully qualify them whilst simultaneously providing tons of value… and then convert them into high-paying clients is a game-changer.

Rather than write a massive article, I’ve decided to take you “behind the curtain” and reveal in step-by-step detail our exact phone sales process, as well as the mindset and framework that sits behind it and ultimately makes it a killer sales machine.

The eight videos you’ll find below are a selection of bite-sized chunks of sales boosting wisdom from my thirty-nine part Samurai Sales program.

You can also download the exact sales script we use to sign high-paying clients right here.

I recommend you watch these videos in order to wrap your head around our killer sales process (which has given us an 80% plus conversion rate into high-priced programs, ranging from $10,000 up to $33,000).

Video 16 – Why You Need A Phone Sales System

Video 17 – Three Step Phone Sales Process That Signs High-Paying Clients

Video 24 – Progressive Pain: How To Effortlessly Turn Prospects Into Buyers

Video 25 – The ACTIVATE Call: How To Cold-Call Without Feeling Like A Spammy Douchebag

Video 26 – Overview Of The INSIGHTS Call: How To Qualify Prospects So You Stop Wasting Your Time

Video 29 – The SOLUTIONS Call: The Exact Sales Process That Signs High-Paying Clients

Video 31 – The Five Real Reasons Why People Object On Sales Calls

Video 36 – What Every Prospect Needs To Hear to Say “Yes”

Got a great product or service you want to sell over the phone? Let us know what you’re selling in the comments below, and how this process will help you.


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